The Truth? You can’t handle the Truth.

Please don’t read this post if you are likely to be upset by the reality of commercial Pig Farming.

We hate Pig Factories, there’s no other way to describe how we feel, we hate them. We actually love Vegetarians and Vegans, this may surprise most, being a Pig Farmer, but they’ve made a choice based on their values and we respect them for this.

Our realistic opinion is that we will never convert the world to make an ethical choice but we intend to be here to provide the ethical alternative to commercial farming.

So here’s the truth, are you sure you want to see it?

If as a result of viewing it you never buy Pork or any other meat product again, then that’s great. But if you still want a Bacon Sandwich then please choose Free Range, be careful about labelling such as Outdoor Bred and Outdoor reared.

Thanks for taking responsibility for your choices.


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