It all starts with the best ingredients…

So how does a Professional Masterchef earn a Michelin star?

Well most of them (not that there’s many) will tell you it all starts with the best ingredients.  And at the Old English Pig Company we agree, which is why we dedicate ourselves to producing the finest Free Range, Rare Breed Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs in the country.

The Treby BBQ Summer 2016

The Treby BBQ Summer 2016

We spare no expense, we commit to providing our Pigs with everything they need for a full and natural life. They Live Life & Run Free through our Pasture and Woodland. Their diet is as natural as we can make it, providing them with English Apples and Acorns from our own Orchard and Woodland.

Our meat is not available in Butchers or Supermarkets because we simply can’t afford to sell it to them. We only supply direct to the discerning customer, so you get the best product for exactly what it’s worth.

If you want to see what can be done with our Pork, why not visit The Treby Arms in Sparkwell, Devon where Michelin Starred Chef Anton Piotrowski and his team will finish what we started….in style!

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