March 21, 2016

Pig Keeping Course

We are offering an “introduction to traditional pig keeping” course at the Farm during spring/summer 2017. 

With years of Pig keeping experience under our belt that varies from a few pigs for our own freezer to a herd of nearly 100 free range Pigs we’ve learnt by our mistakes along the way. We believe we have most of the answers you need to confidently raise free range Pigs.

Whether you’re looking to have two or three Pigs for friends and family or looking at starting your own breeding herd you will leave the course with the confidence you need to get going. 

The course is a friendly, informative and casual day spent entirely at the farm, getting up close and personal with the Pigs. 

We will cover;

Legal requirements, Costs, Land, Housing, Equipment, Feed, Water, Illness, Breeding and Farrowing, Pedigree notification/registration, Transport, slaughter and food hygiene requirements plus more.

You will have opportunity to ask questions throughout the day and will leave with a notebook for reference. 

The course will run with a minimum of 4 people. 

Refreshments and Lunch provided. 

For any further information please get in touch.