March 21, 2016

About us

The Old English Pig company is a family business based at our own Farm in Devon.

image Leigh Farm is nestled in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park and has been a working farm for over 400 years. Over the centuries it has slowly shrunk from thousands of acres to the 10 acres that remains. To make a traditional small farm work in today’s intensive farming world we needed to specialise in one market and become recognised as the best at what we do. So today we have a small herd of Free Range, Rare Breed Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs. We are registered Breeders and take the stock right through to finishing. We are passionate about the welfare of our stock and manage every aspect of their life in the most caring and compassionate way we can. We provide our Pigs with plenty of space to root around as nature intended, they drink fresh Dartmoor spring water that has flowed through our land for hundreds of years and they sleep in comfortable, spacious straw and hay lined arks whenever they choose to.

Our Pigs are traditional OLD ENGLISH PIGS

image They are not cross bred to make a fast growing lean pig, in fact all truly commercial farmers consider them ‘unsuitable’ for intensive farming. But that’s not what we do here. We allow our Pigs to mature at their own pace and enjoy life. This takes twice as long as a modern breed pig. As a result we truly believe that our finished product is the best Pork you will ever eat. Why not try some and see for yourself.